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Py's Supremo

Our export to Australia and kennel Clovellys, Py’s Supremo is now Australian champion!

Lyrica grupp

C.I.B SE UCH SE V-10 PL CH NORD V-10 FI UCH Py’s Lyrica – Top Italian Greyhound for the third time

SE JV-13 Py’s Vierella Swed juniorer 2013.

And with the Azawakh SE UCH FI UCH FI W-13 NORD V-13Py’s Balia

Py's Balia

Multi Ch Py’s Balia from the fantastic b-litter was Nordic Winner 2013, FinW 2013 and HelsinkiW 2013, owner Outi Lehtonen i Finland

Py's Tiroca_2013

BIS-4 Intermediate dog Py’s Tiroca at Vinthundklubben östras show 2013.


BOB and BIS 3 breeders group, Vinthundsklubben östras show 2013.

Py's Lyrica, Åland 2013

Py’s Lyrica Fin Ch & BOB at Åland 2013 under Markku Mähönen.

C.I.B SE UCH SE V-10 PL CH NORD V-10 FI UCH Py’s Lyrica – Top Italian Greyhound for the third time
SE JV-13 Py’s Vierella Swed juniorer 2013. Och på Azawakh
SE UCH FI UCH FI W-13 NORD V-13Py’s Balia

SDC17973 grupp
Kennel PY bis breeder group at Italian Greyhound specilaty at Lövudden juge B Ruth Smith
Swe Ch Py’s Electra, Swe W 2010 Py’s Lyrica, Py’s Indira, Swe Ch, Jww08, D champ Py’s Hestia.


Py’s Lyrica beacome Swedish winner title and also BOB under Sighthound specialist
D G Bodagard at Swedish Kennel Club Avesta and also placment 4 in group 10 under Mr K Nilsson.
SE Uch, Finnch, Norwch Py’s Altezza she is also know Swedsh Winner title 2010 under Judge Mr S Stefik Avesta Kennel club.
Handler H Häll
6 & 7 March Py’s Laritza show in Portugal BOB and BIG both days and saturday BIS-4.
proud owner Renee Ledberg. 6 March Malin Åberg in Denmark BOB CAC and danish champion Py’s Hestia & BOS CAC Py’s Lemetto congratulations







Azawakh puppies born 1+4 dark red. Altezza is a fantastic mother!


Grizelda won BOB at Palm springs owner kennel Peachwood & kennel Py

Py's Grizelda

Py’s Awambo Azwakh male of the year again and also Fi Ch during 2009

Kennel Py was represented 4 times on the list over italian greyhound of the year. Our beauty Py’s Lyrica in top!

Py’s Altessa is mated to the beautiful young male Aulad al Sahras L’ Eguel (Germany) December 12.

Aulad al Sahras L’ Eguel

Py’s Lyrica BEST IN SHOW only 11 months old
at SRIV Lövudden.
62 entries, judge Elena Ukhabina, Italien

Py's Lyrica

Köping 18/7 2009, judge Salvatotre Tripoli, Italien
A fantastic day for kennel Py!
BOB Py’s Lyrica
BB Such Py’s Electra
BB-3 WW 08 Py’s Hestia
BOS Py’s Lemetto
BOB Breeder Kennel Py
Azawakh – Py’s Awambo BOB and BIG-3
BOS Py’s Altezza
Västerås 26/4 2009
Italian greyhound, judge P Stanton
The fantastic junior bitch Py’s Indira won BOB and CAC. S Ch Py’s Electra won BB-2
Azawakh, judge Ray Lindholm
Such, Sv 07, Nuch Py’s Awambo
Stockholm 12/4 2009
S & N Ch, SV-07 Py’s Awambo BOB & CACIB
S Ch Py’s Electra BOB & CACIB
Sucess in Enköping, swedish sighthound club!!
21 italians entering, judge Säde Hohteri, Finland
BOB and BIS-2 was Such Py’s Electra
BB and CAC Py’s Indira
BB-5 Py’s Hestia (owner M Åberg) Indira was BIS-4 Junior, judge Å Gjetnes Norway

Azawakh, judge S Hohteri Finland
BOB Such Py’s Altezza – Azawakh bitch of the year 08
BOS Sv 07 Such, Nuch Py’s Awambo – Azawakh of the year 2008
and Kennel Py breeder of the year 2008!

Py’s Biscaya is expecting puppies, sire Py’s Indante

Stora Stockholm 2008
Azawakh, judge Magnus Hagstedt
Sv 07 Such, Nuch Py’s Awambo BOB, BIG-R
Such Nuch Py’s Altezza BOS

Italian greyhound, judge Magnus Hagstedt
Such Py’s Electra BB-2
Py’s Indira BB-4
BOB breeder Kennel Py

Py’s Feria won her forst CAC and BOB in Askersund 9/8. Judge Rudi Brandt, Denmark.

Finally the puppies arrived!
Fr ch Be Bop Du Domain the Chanteloup x Py’s Electra

CONGRATULATIONS to Py’s Hestia who won BOB at the World Dog Show. 88 entries! Congratulations to owner Malin Åberg
Py’s Dorina new finnish champion!
Congratulations to owner N Mäkelä
Österbybruk 2008
Py’s Electra BOB CC
Py’s Feria BOB PUPPY
Py’s Awambo BOB CC BIG-3
Västerås 20/4 2008 judge Tino Pehar, Kirsti Lummelampi
Py’s Electra BOB BIG-2 CC
Py’s Awambo BOB CC
Py’s Altezza BOS CC
Stockholm 22/3 2008 judge Gunnar Nyman
Py’s Feria BOB-puppy
Py’s Electra BOB CC CACIB
SvVK Skogås 1/3 2008
Py’s Electra BOB & cc
BOB, BIS-3 babypuppy Py’s Hestia, owner M Åberg
BOB, BIS-R, BIS-3 intermediate, cc Py’s Awambo
BOS, cc Py´s Altezza
Judge W Schwerm-Hanhe Tyskland

Awambo made great sucess in Sundsvall with a BOG-R place.
He showed off a lot in the final!
We have puppies!
Big sucess in Mariefred 28-29/7 2007
Swedish Azawakh & Sloughi club (judge D E Engh),
Py’s Awambo was BOB och then BIS-2.
His mother Ch Unique Africa D’Ellendil was BOS and Py’s Altezza was BB-3.

Py’s Awambo SV-07 and BOS
Unique Africa D’ellendil SV-07 and BOB, judge Karl-Erik Johanssson

Py’s Electra BB-2 and cac, judge Stefan Sinko

Electra BOB, cac & BOG-R, Cefurom BOS judge Dom Dusan Paunovic Serbien-Montenegro
Awambo BOB & cac, Altezza BOS & cac. Judge Paul Stanton

Unique Africa D’Ellendil was Swedish Winner-06.Cefuro is now Swedish Champion and Swedish Winner -06! He was BOB and RBOG at Stora Stockholm 12/9 2006.

Biscaya was BOB in Växjö & Cefuro was BOS.